Holtzapffel and Company 1827 - 1928

born in:
London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1795 - business founded by John Jacob Holtzapffel I.

1804 - partnership with assistant John George Deyerlein; business conducted under the name Holtzapffel & Deyerlein, and lathes began to be numbered (nearly 1000 lathes made); located at 64 Charing Cross Road, London.

1827 - Deyerlein left the partnership; John Jacob's son Charles joined the firm.

1836 - John Jacob Holtzapffel I dies and Charles runs the business.

1847 - Charles dies and his widow Amelia runs the Holtzapffel firm.

1853 - John Jacob II runs the firm.

1896 -1928 - lathes continue to be manufactured and sold until November 1928. In that same year, the stock is sold off and the company becomes a retail shop with a sub-contracting engineering business.

1938 - Sharpleshall Limited (also known as Sharples Hall Works) takes over the company.