Radcliffe Infirmary 1770 - 2007

English; British
born in:
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

1758 - first proposals to build a hospital for Oxford were made at a meeting of the Radcliffe Trustees.

1770 - the Bishop of Oxford consecrated the Radcliffe Infirmary's burial ground (long since buried itself), and the congregation prayed that it might be the 'only useless part of the Establishment'.

1824 - infectious diseases were accommodated.

1877 - a designated children's ward was opened.

1918 - maternity care first provided.

1919 - the Infirmary purchased the Manor House estate, on which the John Radcliffe Hospital was eventually to be built, Woodstock Road, Oxford

1941 - the first dose of penicillin was given intravenously to man.

1989 - was one of three hospitals in the country used for the Electronic Data Exchange pilot scheme.

1993 - became an independent NHS Trust.

1999 - became part of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust.

2007 - hospital closed, with services moving in the main to the John Radcliffe Hospital West Wing and the buildings taken over by the University of Oxford.