Samson Fox 1838 - 1903

Chemical engineer,
Mechanical engineer
born in:
West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

1848 - started work in his father's textile mill. 1853 - started as an apprentice at Smith, Beacock and Tannett, a toolmaking and foundry company. 1874 - founded the Leeds Forge Company. 1875 - became a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 1877 - patented the Fox corrugated boiler furnaces. 1879 - became a member of the Society of Arts. 1881 - became a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 1885 - award the Society of Arts Howard gold medal for his invention of corrugated iron flues. 1886 - took out patents for the manufacture of pressed steel underframes for railway wagons. 1888 - made president of the British Water-Gas Syndicate upon its formation. 1889-1891 - served as Mayor of Harrowgate. 1894 - produced the first calcium carbide for making acetylene gas. 1903 - appointed chairman of Leeds Forge Company.