Short and Mason Limited 1875 - 1969

Aviation instrument manufacturer,
Meteorological instrument manufacturer,
Surveying instrument manufacturer
English, British
Hatton Garden, City of London, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

made and sold barographs, aneroid barometers, compasses, aviation instruments such as altimeters, indicators and gauges (Sestrel brand)

1875 - established by Thomas Short and James Mason as Short & Mason

by 1876 - trading at 40 Hatton Garden, London, England; from approx 1900s traded as Short & Mason Limited, Aneroid Works, Macdonald Road., London, E17 (1910-1954?) and at Hale End Rd, 28 Wood St., London, England (1953-65), both in Walthamstow.

about 1907 - partnership with the Taylor Instrument Companies. Rochester, New York, using brand name TYCOS

Merged with Taylor Instrument Companies (Europe) Ltd., Leighton-Buzzard, Beds. (1969)