Niall Rankin 1904 - 1965

Documentary filmmaker,
born in:
Scotland, United Kingdom

Arthur Niall Talbot Rankin (MA, FRGS, FRPS, FZS, MBOU) photographer, documentary filmaker and ornathologist; born Scotland, educated Eton and Oxford; husband of Lady Jean Rankin (married in 1931); father of Sir Ian Rankin; won the International Wild Life Photography Award of the Year in 1935 (which was presented to him by Hermann Goring); 1937 bought on house on Isle of Mull where Rankin raised rare geese and ducks; wrote 'Haunt of British Divers' in 1947; spent a winter in Antarctica subsequently publshing 'Antarctic Isle; Wildlife in South Georgia' in 1951; died in 1965 in Bechuanaland (Botswana) making a film on the life of Cecil Rhodes; photographs held at Natural History Museum