S Maw

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

located at 11 Aldersgate Street, London

1828-1841/1850? - J and S Maw, 11 Aldersgate Street, London

1850-1860, S Maw, 11 Aldersgate Street, London

1860-1870/5, S Maw & Son, Aldersgate St, London, England

1870/5-1901/5 - S Maw, Son & Thompson, 7-12 Aldersgate, London

1901/3-1918 - on retirement of John Thompson, S. Maw Son & Thompson renamed S Maw, Son & Sons, 7-12 Aldersgate, London; later at Aldersgate House, New Barnet; Barnet; Greater London; England

1918-1920s - S Maw Son & Sons Limited, 7-12 Aldersgate, London (1918-1920s).

1940 - company renamed Maws Pharmacy Supplies Limited, moved to Monken Hadley, Barnet, England