c. 1928 - Jacob Schick (1877-1937) invented a dry electric razor; sold to the American Chain & Cable Company;

1946 - Eversharp, Inc acquired the Magazine Repeating Razor Company and renamed it the Schick Safety Razor Company. American Chain and Cable produced the product for Schick until 1958, when Schick set up its own manufacturing operations in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1961, Schick moved its manufacturing facilities into its present home in Milford, Connecticut, where the headquarters for the Shaving Products Group is now (2005). In 1963, Schick became the first U.S. manufacturer to sell stainless steel blades coated with Teflon. This non-stick material improved comfort by reducing friction during the shave. Five years later, Schick pioneered another innovation when scientists succeeded in depositing a thin layer of chromium to the blade edge, making it more durable. Schick was acquired by Warner-Lambert in 1970.