Anthony George Maldon Michell 1870 - 1959

English; British
born in:
Islington, Islington, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1870 - born in England during his parents holiday from Australia. 1884 - returned with his family, to England and completed his schooling at the Perse School, Cambridge. 1890 - the family returned to permanent residence in Melbourne, where Michell took courses in civil and mining engineering at the university. 1895 - gained BCE. 1899 - gained MCE. 1903 - commenced an independent practice centred on hydraulic engineering. 1905 - patented the Michell thrust block, a device for supporting a rotating propeller or turbine shaft against a large longitudinal force externally applied to it. 1917 - patented the the Michell crankless engine. 1919 - employed as investigator by the Victorian government of the hydroelectric possibilities later developed on the Kiewa River. 1925 - gave up his Victorian practice to concentrate on the manufacture of the crankless engine. 1934 - elected FRS. 1938 - awarded the Kernot memorial medal of the University of Melbourne. 1943 awarded the James Watt international medal of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London. 1978 - The A. G. M. Michell award created by the Institution of Engineers, Australia, to perpetuate his memory.