Aberdeen Railway 1845 - 1856


Incorporated on 31 July 1845 for a line from Guthrie to Aberdeen, with branches to Brechin and Montrose, it was promoted by GNSR supporters who arranged for amalgamation should it be thought appropriate. However, by the time half the capital was paid up and spent, the companies had drawn apart. The line opened from Guthrie to Dubton Junction and Montrosem and from Bridge of Duns to Brechin on 1 February 1848, from Dubton Junction to Portlethen on 1 November 1849, to Aberdeen (Ferryhill) on 1 April 1850 and to Aberdeen (Guild Street) on 2 August 1853. It was worked by the SCR between 12 May 1851 and 31 July 1854, and the company amalgamated with the SMJR on 29 July 1856 to form the SNER.