Alcester Railway 1872 - 1883


The line was authorized on 6 August 1872 as a branch line from Stratfor-upon-Avon Railway at Bearley to Alcester on the Evesham and Redditch Railway. The 6.5-mile line was greatly influenced by the GWR, which worked it from opening (4 September 1876) and took over mainenance from 4 September 1877. The Company was vested jointly in the GWR and the Stratford-upon-Avon Railway from 22 July 1878, and the GWR took over completely with effect from 1 July 1883. The line, single throughout, was closed as an economy in 1917, the track being lifted and sent to France. After the war, the GWR relaid it, re-opening from Bearley to Alne on 18 December 1922, to Alcester on 1 August 1923. It closed finally to passengers on 25 September 1939.