Stabilimento SPa Stefano Johnson

born in:
Milan, Milano, Lombardy, Italy

1836 - founded by Stefano Johnson. He struck his first medal in the Milanese workshop of his father, Giacomo Johnson; Giacomo had recently moved from Birmingham, England after a brief period of activity in Lyon, France. Stefano's son Federico Johnson, employed medallists from the Milan Mint (closed 1887) and producing medals himself to commemorate Italian historical events, religious events, industrial, commercial and financial activity; products were exported by his son Stefano Johnson II and his grandson Cesare Johnson. 1943 - their workshop was destroyed in air-raids; Cesare built new premises in Milan; the company produced medals in collaboration with Italian sculptors as Emilio Greco, Luciano Minguzzi, E. Fazzini, F. Bodini, E. Manfrini, Arnaldo Pomodoro and V. Crocetti. 1990s - Riccardo Johnson, Mariangela Johnson and her husband, Roberto Pasqualetti continued the work.