Assam-Bengal Railway 1889 - 1942


Assam Bengal Railway was conceived in the late eighties of the nineteenth century, when railways had come to expand in different parts of the subcontinent, with the objective of developing communication system of the eastern region of British India. In the eastern region, which particularly meant Assam and Eastern Bengal, the only important railway system was the Eastern Bengal Railway run by the East Indian Railway company. Eastern Bengal ran a track from Kolkata to Kushtia near the confluence of the river Gorai River with the Ganges River.

The Assam Bengal Railway was amalgamated with the Eastern Bengal Railway in 1942 when the line was renamed the Bengal and Assam Railway. At time of the partition of India in 1947, Bengal-Assam Railway was split up and the portion of the system, about 2,603.92 km long which fell within the boundary of erstwhile East Pakistan was named as Eastern Bengal Railway, the control remaining with the central Government of Pakistan Later with the effect from 1 February 1961, Eastern Bengal Railway was renamed as Pakistan Railway.