Academie Des Sciences 1666

Scientific society
born in:
Paris, Ville de Paris, Île-de-France, France

1666 - Jean-Baptiste Colbert chose a small group of scholars to meet in the King Louis XIV's library, recently installed in rue Vivienne, Paris. 1699 - Louis XIV gave the Company its first rules, received the title of Royal Academy of Sciences and was installed in the Louvre in Paris. 1793 - following the French Revolution, the Convention abolished all the academies. 1795 - the National Institute of Sciences and Arts was created. 1805 - the National Institute of Sciences and Arts was transferred to the premises of the College of the Four Nations. 1816 - the Academy of Sciences became autonomous. 1835 - under the influence of François Arago, the Comptes Rendus [Proceedings] of the Academy of Sciences were inaugurated and became an instrument of prime importance for the dissemination of French and foreign scientific studies.