Barnsley Coal Railway 1861 - 1874


Incorporated on 22 July 1861, aimed to provide a northward link between the South Yorkshire Railway and River Dun Navigation at Ardsley and Wakefield. Parliament, however, pruned the scheme so that it ended near Notton, about half-way to its objective, due largely to opposition from the Wooley Estate. Authoirty of the SYR&RDN to buy the company was ratified by an Act of 13 July 1863, but it was not until 1874 that the MS&LR (which now owned SYR&RDN) gained powers to complete the link. This opened for goods on 28 January 1870, and to passengers between Stairfoot and Lee Lane on 1 September 1882; the service lasted until 22 September 1930.