Johnson Matthey plc 1817

Gold assayer,
Manufacturer of catalysts,
Manufacturer of fine chemicals,
Process technologists,
Refiner of precious metals
Hatton Garden, City of London, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1817 - Percival Norton Johnson establishes business as a London gold assayer;

1822 - premises at 79 Hatton Garden, London

1832-1835 - partnership with George Stokes; known as Johnson and Stokes;

1837 - partnership with W J Cock; known as Johnson and Cock;

1851 - George Matthey joins the company; known as Johnson and Matthey;

1860 - PNJohnson retires; partnership of George Matthey, John Sellon and Edward Matthew; known as Johnson Matthey and Company;

1891 - Johnson, Matthey and Company Limited formed on 11 April

1919 - Johnson, Matthey and Company, Inc formed; branch in Birmingham and Haydn Park Works

1981 - Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company formed 31 July