Western Australian Government Railway

Railway company
born in:
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) was the most common name of the Western Australian government rail transport authority which operated from 1890 to 1976. It is, in its current form, known as the Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia though it went by many names. 1890-1914: West Australian Government Railways (I), 1914-1922: West Australian Government Railways and Tramways, 1922-1930: West Australian Government Railways, Tramways and Electricity Supply, 1930-1946: West Australian Government Railways, Tramways, Ferries and Electricity Supply, 1946-1949: West Australian Government Railways, Tramways and Ferries, 1949-2000: West Australian Government Railways (II) but from 1975 adopts the brand name Westrail, and then in 2000: The freight business and the Westrail name were sold to Australian Western Railroad – a subsidiary of Australian Railroad Group (ARG). The public entity is renamed to the Western Australian Government Railways Commission (WAGRC).