Gutta-Percha and Telegraph Works Company Limited India Rubber 1864

Silvertown, Newham, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1864 - incorporated by Stephen Winckworth Silver (of S. W. Silver and Co) in Silvertown, London; warehouse at 106 Cannon Street, London, EC

1865 - cable manufactured for the Submarine Telegraph Co; also supplied electric generating plant to towns and cities in the United Kingdom and on the Continent.

1866-1916 - constructed, laid and repaired submarine cables, manufactured electric wires for all purposes.

1890s - produced bicycle tyres; factories in Burton on Trent and France.

1927 - financial difficulties

1933 - British Goodrich Rubber Co, wholly owned subsidiary of the B F Goodrich Company, Akron, Ohio, United States, acquired a controlling interest

1934 - B F Goodrich Company sold most of its shares in the British company and changed name to the British Tyre and Rubber Co; office at Thames House, Millbank, London, SW1

1956 - British Tyre and Rubber Co changed its name to BTR Industries Ltd as it ceased manufacturing rubber tyres.

1960s - BTR reorganised and the Silvertown Works site was sold;

1999 - BTR merge with Siebe to become BTR Siebe, later becoming Invensys PLC