George Edward Belliss 1838 - 1909

Mechanical engineer
born in:
United Kingdom

built stationary engines, boilers, marine engines, oil engines, etc

1855 – apprenticed to Richard Bach and Company (Richard and Francis Bach), mill wright, mechanical engineer and boiler maker;

1862 – acquires Richard Bach and Company, 13-14 Broad Street, Islington, Birmingham, England;

1862-1866 - partnership with Joseph J Seekings, styled as Belliss and Seekings;:

1866 - G E Belliss and Company;

1872-5 - move to Ledsam Street Works, Ledsam Street, Ladywood, Birmingham;

1884 - Marine engineer, Alfred Morcom joins G E Belliss and Company as partner;

1885 - Messrs George Bellis and Company:

1893 - G. E. Belliss and Co incorporated as a Limited Company;

1899 – new factory in Icknield Square, near Ledsham Street;

1899 - Belliss and Morcom registered on 3 May, to take over the business of engineers of G. E. Bellis;

c.1902 - factory built at Rotton Park Street, Ladywood, Birmingham;