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A General Display of the Arts and Sciences

Sebastien Le


Print. A General Display of the Arts and Sciences. / [Sebastian] Le Clerc pinxt. ; Grignion Sculp. nd. [1798]. engraving; platemark 22x34.5cm on sheet 24.5x39cm. Plate from [an edition of] a book. Headed: Frontispiece to the Royal Encyclopedia. Scene: the Gods of Olympus? in classical architectural surroundings open to landscape beyond, a library on left, chemical and medical motifs on right, discussing and demonstrating aspects of natural philosophy, scientific instruments, music, art, astronomy, mechanics, geometry etc; a balloon with gondola oars and two persons is overhead. NB This image has appeared in various editions. Here, it is a direct reversal of the original engraving of 1698. Accompanied by issues of text and other plates from the Royal Encyclopedia, including: 2. A New system of aerostation, nd. [1798?]. - 3 sheets letterpress text, 39x24.5cm. [gathering P]. 3. Print. Representation of various balloons, with the methods of constructing and filling them. & The implements necessary for accelarating [sic] or retarding their motion. See System of Aerostation. / Lodge sculp. - Published as the Act directs, by C Cooke, No 17, Paternoster Row [London] Feby 5th 1790. Engraving; 39x24.5cm. Plate from [an edition of] Royal Encyclopaedia. 4. Aerostation, nd. [1798?]. - 1 sheet letterpress text, 39x24.5cm. [gathering Q]. 5. Print. Representation .... [as 3 above] reissue dated July 1795. 6. System of Aerostation, nd. [c1798?]. - 4 sheets letterpress text, 39x24.5cm [gathering Q]. 7. Aerology, nd. [1798]. 3 sheets letterpress text + 1 engraving, 39x24.5cm. Extract from a book, numbered for pp55-60. Pencilled at top p55: Howard's New Royal Encyclopaedia Londiniensis 1798. Other pages headed Aerostation. [gathering P]. Engraved plate facing page 55, headed: See Aerostation, &c. Plate 25. / Lowry Sc. containing 129 figured diagrams of perspective, pyrometer, figs 8-12 Rocket, silk reel, sculpture, figs 16-19 Aerostation