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Poster, British Rail (Southern Region), "Visit Arundel Castle", illustrated with pen and ink drawing by Reginald Montague Lander, of castle viewed from across the river, text, "Across the centuries the first glimpse of the embattled castle towering over the ancient town of Arundel must have gladdened the heart of many of many a foot sore traveller at the thought of a good nights rest and refreshments at one of the towns many inns. Today Arundel still attracts visitors from far and wide but now at the first hint of spring like weather the roads become jammed with cars so what better way to arrive than by train. Its difficult to imagine now that that in this gentle landscape of down land and closely wooded hills which surrounds the town, violence erupted many times in its long history. The massive castle home of the Earls of Arundel Duke of Norfolk for more than 500 years, with stood siege after siege until the bombardment by Parliamentary soldiers during the Civil War reduced parts of the fabric to ruins, and so it remained until largely rebuilt in the 18th century. Late in the 19th century it was again restored and rebuilt in magnificent style, especially the Barons Hall a fine reproduction of a medieval hall. Rich in art treasures the castle contains fine examples of period furniture and a collection of paintings including works by Van Dyke, Gainsborough, and Reyholds. Information on price and availability of copies of the poster "Away day fare" from this station, box for fare blank.

Visit Arundel Castle

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