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control; traffic apprentice; dieselisation; freight; terminals; operating; royal train; reorganisations; travel centre; childhood; family; school; holidays; church; starting work; Rotherham Masborough; Rotherham Westgate; Rotherham Control; Rotherham Control; office training; workplace atmosphere; Derby; regional boundary changes; Control folklore; weather, 1947; Second World War; nationalisation; traffic apprenticeship exam; Leicester Control; promotion, Passenger Controller; family; lodging family; promotion, Trains Office, Leicester, 1960; dieselisation; record-keeping; reorganisations; trade unions, LDC; Control Nottingham, Freight Planning Passenger Assistant; Area Terminals Manager; freight planning, passenger work; staffing; responsibilities; Area Terminals Manager; responsibilities; staff relations; VIPs; Royal Train; Silver Jubilee; training, Derby; home life, Nottingham; church; Freight Operating Assistant, Sheffield; closure of regional office; differences between regions; threat of Sheffield closure; consultation; promotion, Passenger Assistant Manager; passenger section; workload; closure of divisions; restructuring; impact of National Union of Mineworkers' strike on closure; Operations Manager, Doncaster; Doncaster Power Box; train recording; level crossings; transfer of divisional controls; role of Inspectorate; criticism of new headquarters and area organisations; relationships with area managers; businesses; house move; redundancy; York headquarters; retirement; reflections on career; achievements; Nottingham Travel Centre; regional differences; retirement; d.o.b. 1931-01-20, railway work 1947-1988, Rotherham; Derby; Leicester; Nottingham; Sheffield; Doncaster; York. 3.1496 x 2.8346 x .315 in.

Baker, Ken

Oral Histories