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TV news coverage of 'East Coast Main Line Franchise goes to National Express'

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8 edited videos, broadcast extracts, on National Express getting ECML franchise, 14/08/2007: Sky News (Sky News Today) footage of GNER trains ; BBC News 24 (Morning News) live interview with Jonathan Metcalfe (GNER Chief executive) talking about GNER losing bid for franchise, transition and working with National Express and footage of GNER train ; ITV Tyne Tees (Pontop) (North East Tonight) National Express replacing GNER on ECML, footage of GNER train in York station, future figures investment by National Express, interview with Richard Bowker (National Express Chief Executive), Jonathan Metcalfe (GNER Chief executive), passengers, live interview with Philip Haigh (Rail Magazine) ; ITV Yorkshire East (Calendar) footage of GNER train in York, interview with Jonathan Metcalfe (GNER) ; BBC TV 1 North H & L (Look North) Lincoln station new rail link to London service to be introduced by 2010 with National Express, footage of empty Lincoln station with reporter, footage of GNER train in York, interview with Lincoln inhabitants, extate agents (Edward Walter, Walter's Property Marketing), interview with David Mitchell (Federation of small businesses for Lincolnshire) skeptical about new service as will not be before 2010, Gillian Merron (Lincoln MP) Lincoln part of the Intercity map, opportunities at Lincoln ; BBC TV 1 East Midlands (East Midlands Today) National Express taking over ECML, interview with Gillian Merron (Lincoln MP), reporter at Newark Northgate station, improvements in stations by National Express, interviews with passengers, Rodney Hughes (Chamber of Commerce) ; BBC TV 1 North East (Look North) National Express taking over from GNER, GNER train in York station, interviews with passengers, Jonathan Metcalfe (GNER), archive footage of Flying Scotsman and Mallard on ECML ; BBC TV North L & S (Look North) National Express on ECML, GNER train footage, interviews with passengers, reporter on tickets sales and fares and National Express payment to the government, interview with Tom Harris MP (Rail Minister), Jonathan Metcalfe (GNER)