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8 edited videos, television adn radio broadcast extracts on variety of ticket types and railway company surcharging passengers for using tickets for a shorter journey than booked for on the same train (19/05/2007) and half hourly services to London (21/05/2007): BBC TV 1 (19/05/2007, Breakfast) using archive footage of GWR Castle class and passengers at station, about numerous ticket types, investigation with a passenger who travelled with GNER and was given panalty for taking same train as booked but from a different departing station on the way (York instead of Berwick as paid for), GNER not willing to reply to reporters, other companies quoted for doing the same (Virgin trains, Great Western, Midland Mainline, Scotrail) surcharging passengers for shorter journeys on same train than the ones booked for, interview with Martin Lewis (; BBC TV 1 (19/05/2007, Breakfast) range of fares and conditions for train tickets - same edit than first, plus live interview with Tom Hall (editor of Lonely Planet) about loopalls people could use to get cheaper tickets ; BBC TV 1 North (Leeds & Sheffield) (21/05/2007, News) Half hourly services to London, including footage of York station ; Radio Lincs FM (21/05/2007, News) half hourly services to London, interview with GNER spokesman Richard Allen ; BBC Radio Leeds (21/05/2007, Breakfast) GNER launches half hourly services between Leeds and Kings Cross, interview with Alan Hyde (GNER), commuters from North East who work in London, variety of ticket types, (lengthy interview), reporters commenting how hard it is to find the cheaper fares ; BBC TV 1 East Midlands (21/05/2007) East Midlands Today) first extra service to London of GNER on ECML ; BBC Radio Leeds (21/05/2007, News) new hal hourly services to London with GNER, interview with Ian Williams (Leeds Chamber of Commerce) importance of improved services for East Yorkshire economy ; BBC Radio Nottingham (21/05/2007, News) new half hourly services to London on ECML with GNER, interview with Alan Hyde (GNER) ; 21min30 total

TV coverage of 'Half hourly services to London and ticket types variety'

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6 edited videos, broadcast extracts about the launch of a new National Express Rail service, 09-13/12/2007: BBC 1 North East & Cumbria (3 extracts, Look North) footage of last GNER service, interview with Lee Garrett (GNER driver), passengers, John Gelson (GNER) - New National Express service, interview with John Gelson (National Express East Coast) - New National express service, interview with Richard Bowker (Chief executive, National Express Group), footage at Kings Cross, on board of new service, interview with passengers, footage of York station with classical music players welcoming passengers of new service, plus footage of last train of GNER ; ITV 1 Tyne Tees (North East Tonight) footage of National Express first new train, footage in Newcastle station, interview with Richard Bowker (National Express Group, chief executive), ticket fares in questions ; BBC 1 Yorkshire (Look North) National Express new service, footage of York station, interview with Rochard Bowker (National Express), footage from driver cab, tickets fares in questions, interview with passengers, with reporter Alan Whitehouse ; ITV 1 London (London Tonight) new Thameslink station in Kings Cross, interview with passengers, Ruth Kelly MP (Transport Secretary), National Express taking over ECML first service, interview with Richard Bowker (National Express Group), Langdon Park new station, interview with Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London)

TV news coverage of 'Launch of New National Express Rail Service'

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