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Box number 1, silver aluminium camera case, containing; Hasselblad 500 C/M chrome body with 80mm f2.8 lens (haze filter and metal lens cap attached); Body cap for camera and back lens cap for f2.8lens; 150mm f4 silver Synchro-Compur lens complete with caps; Lens hood for above; Two spare Hasselblad plastic bayonet lens caps; Zeiss Proxar f1 lens, Zeiss Proxar f0.5 lens, f0.25 lens; Hasselblad DF2 diffusion filter; Hasselblad 63mm bayonet/screw lens step ring; 4 black film magazines 120/12; Polaroid film magazine; 'adapted' Polaroid back; Hasselblad Ground Glass Adapter 41025; Prism viewfinder; Old spectacles adapted for viewing screen; Hasselblad body flash shoe; Gossen remote shutter release; Calcu-Light-X exposure meter; Calcu-Flash exposure meter with 3 boxes attachments; Nega Brush; Plastic bag with 2 handkerchiefs rinsed in filtered water for cleaning lenses and viewing screens etc. Compartment in lid of case contains; small bag with 4 assorted spare camera screws; Casio micro-mini calculator; plastic pocket containing gold and silver space blanket; inch tape and tweezers; box of assorted safety and straight pins; one large and two small bulldog clips; one plastic fabric clamp; Hasselblad black lens extenders/teleconverters, 21mm and 55mm; Hasselblad Professional Lens Shade 40231; three masks and four adapter/filter rings (one attached to the lens shade) - Instruction Leaflet; Black leather Polaroid SX70 Sonar Autofocus camera. Part of the Shirley Beljon "Time Capsule" collection.

Hasselblad Camera Equipment

Photographic Technology