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Five magnetic reel-to-reel 1/4" audio tapes recorded on 16 and 17 November 1976 or 1982. The tapes are numbered from 1 to 5. According to the notes inside the tapes’ cases, each tape corresponds to the recording of a session of interviews or discussions, with a total of about 90 male participants throughout all sessions. The sessions were likely led by Dr Saunders. Several of these participants have been identified as British Railways workers who worked all or a part of their career in York or Yorkshire area. The following individuals may have participated to these sessions: Ken Appleby (Area Manager, York and Divisional Office, Leeds), John Bellwood (former LNER and BR, shed master, and Chief Mechanical Engineer at the National Railway Museum from 1975-1988), Geoff Bird (shed master at York), Alan Clothier (Divisional Maintenance Engineer, Newcastle), Eric Dalton (Divisional Manager Leeds), Arthur Dean (Chief Civil Engineer, York), Arthur Dytch (Deputy General Manager, York), Mike Fossett (Management services, York), Gordon Graham (Regional Operating Manager, York), Dick Hardy (shed master in East Anglia and at Stewarts Lane, Battersea), John Holt (British Railways Board Operations, York), Ernie Jefferson (Area’s Manager Organisation, Hull), George Mackie (Divisional Manager, Leeds), Mr McGregor (Divisional Manager, Hull), Geoffrey Myers (Deputy General Manager, York, and Vice Chairman of British Railways Board), Stanley Raymond (General Manager, York), John Thompson (Divisional Manager, Newcastle).

Five audio tapes of recordings with British Railways workers mainly based in York and Yorkshire area

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