Correspondence with Radio Communication Co Ltd and the British Broadcasting Co Ltd regarding radio broadcasting from Metropolitan-Vickers temporary radio station 2ZY

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Peter Dawson Collection
Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co Ltd

Correspondence, reports and memos between Metropolitan-Vickers, the Radio Communication Company and the British Broadcasting Co Ltd regarding the licencing of a broadcasting station, electrical equipment used, and broadcasting experiments carried out during the early days of radio station 2ZY.

Amongst the papers are reports on a visit to companies involved in manufacturing and assembling thermionic valves.

Discussions on development of types of radio receiving sets for the British market.

Agreement on the licencing of Radio Patents and other inventions related to telephonic broadcasting.

The proposed location and tuning of the broadcasting stations.

Comments received from listeners to the early broadcasts.

Setting up and the staffing of a future broadcasting station for Manchester.

Specifications for equipment at Moorside Edge transmitting station.


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