GM Archive / R. J. Fiddaman collection relating to genetically modified foods and crops, research and industry

Fiddaman, Robert

This collection mainly concerns the DEFRA Farm Scale Evaluations (FSEs), which were a DEFRA four-year programme of research by independent researchers aimed at studying the effect that the management practices associated with Genetically Modified Herbicide Tolerant (GMHT) crops might have on farmland wildlife, when compared with weed control used with non-GM crops. The collection comprises of 2 envelopes of crop labels as used in the FSE; Anderson: Genetic engineering, food and our environment; UK Agricultural Biotechnology Industry: GM crop - understanding the issues; VCR: Farming News Technical Series: Biotechnology; VCR: Television Education Network: The Law Channel - Environmental Law; VCR: House of Commons 09.03.04: Margaret Beckett Speech; Crop Protection Association: several publications in a folder; SPRU Publications: Rethinking risk; Food Future: Food for our future - genetic modification and food; Farm Scale Evaluations Research Committee; Readers Digest in Finnish, German, Chinese and Japanese; 5 letters from the Hertfordshire Constabulary relating to vandalism; Home Grown cereals Authority: Botanical and rotational implications of genetically modified herbicide tolerance in winter oilseed rape and sugar beet; photographs: recording media interest during the trials and evidence of protest damage to parts of the trials; Various papers, letters and contracts relating to FSE; 4 lever arch file boxes plus numerous papers, all relating to the FSE.


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