Letter from Andrew Vivian to Richard Trevithick concerning patent and business controversies

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Collection of letters from Andrew Vivian to Richard Trevithick
Vivian, Andrew

Vivian commiserates with Trevithick over his distresses, including a dispute with Mr Davey. Whilst Vivian is happy for the dispute to go to court again, he would rather see the dispute made up than see Trevithick kept in town. Davey should however 'pay very hansom for your false imprisonment'. Vivian comments that he is not sorry that Rabey has given up a trial related to the patent and proposes that the business of his demand should be referred to one, two or three respectable persons. He suggests Trevithick ship 'the Gig' from Felton onboard one of the Falmouth or Penryn traders. In a postscript, Vivian asks if Trevithick could approach Sir William Curtis about buying Vivian's share of the patent now that Rabey has given up thoughts of attacking the patent.