American Publications 1955

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Porton Down Archive of Chemical Warfare


Field manual 'FM 3-8. Chemical Corps Reference Handbook', February 1955, a manual of statistical information and data for use in planning and performing chemical operations. Created by the Department of the Army, Washington, 246 pages, 150 x 230 mm.

Two copies of technical manual 'TM 3-409. Impregnating Plant Clothing M2A1', May 1955. Created by the War Department, Washington, 323 pages, 150 x 230 mm.

Technical manual 'TM 3-205 to 14P4-1-31. Protective Masks and Accessories', April 1955, containing information on the construction, functioning, use, inspection, testing, care, maintenance, repair, and storage of military and special-purpose masks. Created by Department of the Army and Air Force, 138 pages, 150 x 235 mm.



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