American Publications 1966

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Porton Down Archive of Chemical Warfare


Booklet 'ABCA Basic Standardization Agreement, 1964', October 1966. Quadripartite Standing Operating Procedures. A basic standardisation agreement establishing free exchange of information among the Armies of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Created by Washington, D.C. 93 pages, 145 x 220 mm.

Instructional guide 'Pamphlet 14-28. Chemical Corps Training Information Pamphlet', September 1966. Issued to provide updated information of developments in Chemical Corps and CBR matters. Created by the U.S. Army Chemical Center and School, 65 pages, 200 x 260 mm.

Technical bulletin 'TB 18-8. Army Information and Data Systems', April 1966. Automatic data processing training for military and civilian personnel. Created by Department of the Army, 31 pages, 200 x 260 mm.



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