Folder of patents collected by Sherard Cowper-Coles

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Papers re work of electro-metallurgist and inventor Sherard Osborn Cowper-Coles
Cowper-Coles, Sherard Osborn

A folder containing patents collected by Sherard Cowper-Coles but awarded other individuals. These include the following British patents:

- No. 23,716 'Improvements in the Manufacture of Zinc White', 1897, Gaston Harmegnies, Brussels, Belgium

- No. 6155 'Improvements in the Manufacture of Substitutes for Lithographic Stones', 1904, George Bower and Frederick William Gauntlett, London, United Kingdom

- No. 8667 'Improvements relating to the Treatment of Iron or Steel for Preventing Oxidation or Rusting', 1907, Thomas Watts Coslett, Birmingham, United Kingdom

- No. 14,410 'A New or Improved Process for the Ornamentation of Metal Articles particularly of Oxidised Steel, with Photographic Metal Pictures', Emil Jabulowsky and Armand Bourquin, Pforzheim, Germany

- No. 132,709 'Improved Manufacture of Galvanised Articles', 1919, The Ward Nail Company, Struthers, Ohio, United States of America

- No. 320,431 'Apparatus for Recording and Reproducing Sound', 1929, Harry Toyne Leeming, Jersey City, United States of America

and the following American patents:

- No. 724,317 'Process of Coating with Metal', 1903, Charles E. Munroe, Washington D.C., United States of America

- No. 904,444 'Manufacture of Plated or Coated Iron or Steel Sheets' 1908, James Wallace Paton, Southport, United Kingdom

- No. 1,327,102 'Sherardizing Apparatus', Charles J. Kirk, New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States of America

- No. 1,380,847 'Method for Treating Ferrous-Metal Articles', 1921, Frank L. Sorensen, Detroit, Michigan, United States of American

- No. 1,439,610 'Method of Zinc Coating Metal Surfaces and Zinc Paint Thereof', 1922, Howard N. Copthorne, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

- No. 1,593,205 'Building Material', 1926, James Howard Young, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America


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