Tank wagon, North Eastern Railway - Shell-Mex and BP Ltd

1889 in Darlington
Darlington Wagon & Engineering Company

Tank wagon, North Eastern Railway, Shell-Mex and BP Ltd saddle-mounted oil tank wagon, No 512, tank capacity 2047 gallons, built by Darlington Wagon & Engineering Company for the North Central Wagon Company and registered with the North Eastern Railway in 1889.

This tank is mounted on wooden bearers and has an unusual wooden underframe. Measuring 19ft 6in. over buffers, the wagon features end brackets and straps which were used to fasten the tank to the undercarriage. The outlet pipes are below the tank and, because of the wooden underframe, regulations in place during its later years of service meant that the wagon was not permitted to carry flammable liquids.

The wagon was restored by its last owners Shell-Mex in the 1960s, at which point some original features were substituted for modern replacements.


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