Budding's patent lawn mower, 1832.

1832 in Suffolk, Ipswich and England
Edwin Budding
J R and A Ransomes Limited

Lawn mower, built by J. R and A. Ransomes of Ipswich to Edwin Budding's patent No.3157 of 1830

This is an early example of the first lawnmower, designed by Edwin Budding. Budding trained as a machinist, working at the Phoenix Ironworks of John Ferrabee at Stroud, Gloucestershire. He was aware of rotary blades used to finish woollen cloth, and applied a similar concept to cutting grass, which he patented in 1830. The manufacturing rights were taken up by Ransome’s of Ipswich, who made this particular machine. The lawnmower has been described as the ‘Great British Object’, replacing the scythe and making possible the smooth, consistent grass lawns associated with gardening, cricket, bowls and other popular sports and pastimes.


Agricultural Engineering
Object Number:
cast iron, paint, wood (unidentified) and wrought iron
Ransomes plc; Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies Limited