Computer controlled Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with mounting, 1997

1997 in United States, California, Orange county and Irvine

Meade LX200 computer controlled Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, 8-inch aperture with equatorial fork mounting and adjustable tripod stand.

This Schmidt-Cassegrain reflecting telescope of 8-inch aperture incorporates computer control to both move and point the instrument. Made by Meade Instruments Corporation of California, the LX200 telescope incorporates an electronic star map in its computer chip memory. This allows it to automatically to point to any celestial object in the sky using optical encoders. These gadgets work in a similar principle to the mechanisms found in the mouse controller of a personal computer. They are able detect any movement the telescope makes as it rotates in its mounting in either of two axes at right angle to each other. Nowadays, amateur astronomers can use affordable telescopes that incorporate technology once only available to professionals at large observatories.


Object Number:
steel, aluminium and optics, glass
overall (assembled): 1600 mm x 970 mm x 850 mm, 1200 mm, 20kg
telescope - schmidt cassegrain, telescope - catadioptric and telescope - reflecting
Broadhurst Clarkson and Fuller