50 inch 'Bull' engine

1876-1877 in Hayle
Harvey and Company Limited

50 inch "Bull" engine built by Harvey & Co., Hayle, Cornwall, in 1876-7 for the iron shaft at Severn Tunnel Pumping Station, Sudbrook, Monmouthshire

Bottom beam

Bottom beam, rear (nearest towards pit)



Cylinder beam, front

Cylinder beam rear

Guide frame for piston rod cap

Guide frame for piston rod cap, right

Beam to support guide frames item 7 & 8

Cylinder with nozzles and bottom cover

Beam forming cill of weigh frame

Weigh post

Weigh post right with frame bolts and nuts and studs

Head of weigh frame, with gland for plug rod

Bridging joist for working floor

Common joists for working floor with wooden bearing pieces

Common joists for working floor with wooden bearing pieces

Condenser cistern with condenser and air pump complete with bucket

Length of feed pipe marked GWR Co

Eduction pipe

Main steam valve

Cylinder cover

Beam with gudgeon stool

Piston, complete with piston rod

Piston rod cap with gib and cotter for piston rod

Plug rod with tappets

Cataract on stand

Plug rod guide

4 cylinder holding down bolts with nuts & washers

Stay for parts 7 & 8 with nut & washer

2 rods for piston rod cap complete

2 slippers for piston rod cap guides

Stop for pump rod

Keepers, bolts and nuts

Piston rod & gland

4 bolts of 9 nuts for fixing piston rod gland

Cast cleading plate for cylinder bottom

11 checker? rolled tread-plates for working floor

Cast side plates

5 cast side plates and top plate

4 cast valve bonnets

7 cast brackets and 6 stanchions

8 cast treadplates for the gallery around the cylinder

Three arbors from plug frame with all levers

3 levers from arbors to weigh shaft

3 hanging rods with weights

3 rods from weighshaft to valve spindles

3 catches from plug frame

Spindle, handwheel and bracket for steam valve

Cataract loop and 2 guides for cataract rod

Spindle bracket & lever for blowing through valve

Column spindel with crank

Cock on pipe

Components for 50 inch "Bull" Engine


Components for 50 inch "Bull" Engine


3 swinging guides for rods

Brass kerb to surround plug rod on working floor

Corner from base of column

Iron staircase

10 handrail stantions from stairs item 60

Staircase Handrail for 50 inch "Bull" Engine

Rail for Pump Pit

Fragments of wooden cylinder cleading

Brass cleading ring for top of cylinder

Rod for 50 inch "Bull" Engine


Handrails for 50 inch "Bull" Engine

Cylinder cleading boards

Pressure gauges

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