Electrical decimal cash register by Gledhill c.1972


Electrical decimal cash register by Gledhill c.1972

This electrical decimal cash register was made between February 1971 when Britain switched from pounds, shilling, and pence (£ s d) to decimal currency and 1975 when the manufacturer, Gledhill of Halifax, closed.

G.H. Gledhill and Sons Ltd was established by George H Gledhill (supported by his sons, Arthur H Gledhill, Gilbert Gledhill and Walter G Gledhill), to produce his new inventions including cash register and time clocks. Whilst running a millinery business in Northgate, Halifax in 1886, Gledhill invented an automatic cash till and automatic cash displayer.

During the First World War, the company developed a bomb-release mechanism. This was fitted as standard to the early bombers of the Royal Flying Corps and, later, the Royal Air Force. During the Second World War, the company produced a range of military equipment: sun compasses for desert operations, a field service level for use in road and trench construction, map measurers, booby traps, tanks and torpedoes.

In 1964, the time-recorder business was sold to the Simplex Time Recorder Company of Gardner, Massachusetts. The business closed in 1975.


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