Commemorative gold fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher Model PH1

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Fire extinguisher Model PH1
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Fire extinguisher Model PH1.5 Halon 1211(BCF) , 1988-1989, by Chubb Fire Security Ltd, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex. In glass domed exhibition case inscribed "Produced in a limited edition to celebrate the manufacture of 10,000,000 fire extinguishers by Chubb Fire Security Ltd, Ferndale Works, 5 June 1988

This golden fire extinguisher was produced to commemorate the manufacture of 10,000,000 fire extinguishers by Chubb Fire Security Ltd at their Ferndale Works. This was achieved on 5th June 1988. The Ferndale site was closed by Chubb in 2004, when the work was outsourced overseas.

The extinguisher is a Halon 1211, or BCF (Bromochlorodifluoromethane) extinguisher. This was a popular fire extinguishing medium as the gas would vaporise and leave little to no residue, providing protection to equipment that would likely be damaged by other extinguishers.

However, it was found to be highly damaging to the ozone-layer and was banned in 1993, although existing extinguishers could be recharged with recycled BCF until the end of 2002. There are a few exceptions to the ban for certain uses, such as military use, aircraft industry uses, and within the channel tunnel, because of the reduced damage level it causes.


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