'Women Beware of Man Made Medicine'

1978-1980 in London and United Kingdom
East London Health Project
Poster entitled 'Women beware of Man made Medicine'

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Poster entitled 'Women beware of Man made Medicine'
East London Health Project| Loraine Leeson. Enquiries to Science Museum, London

Poster entitled 'Women beware of Man made Medicine', published by the East London Health project, design by Loraine Leeson, 1970s.

‘Women beware of Man made Medicine’, states this poster. It was produced by The East London Health Project and features an image of a woman surrounded by information relating to the oral contraceptive pill. The photomontage was created by artist Loraine Leeson. It aimed to highlight potential side effects of the contraceptive pill.

This poster is part of the Women in Health series by the East London Health Project in collaboration with the Women’s Health Information Collective. In 1978, the East London Trades Councils wanted to give information about health issues to the local population. This was at a time when cuts were being made to the National Health Service (NHS). The East London Health Project was formed for this task and eight different posters were produced over the two years it existed. Art and modern advertising techniques were both used to draw attention to the issues and were displayed in doctors’ surgeries and other waiting areas. The themes and styles of the posters were developed by a steering group including members of the health workers’ unions NALGO and NUPE, the local Trades Council, and Tower Hamlets health campaign and the artists, Loraine Leeson and Peter Dunn.


Public Health & Hygiene
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overall: 620 mm x 450 mm
Loraine Leeson