Album of prints of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway staff

London, Brighton & South Coast Railway

Photographs, album of 48 photographic prints (albumen, silver gelatine, and printing out paper) and one loose cellulose nitrate negative, depicting social activities of London, Brighton & South Coast Railway staff, and sports of the Brighton Railway Athletic Club, 1880 to 1921. The album includes a typewritten introduction, headed Secretary’s Office and dated March 1908, explaining the subjects it will feature. These include staff outings to Newhaven and Dieppe, sports meetings, group photographs and portraits, including two of soldiers who died in the First World War. There is a cutting with cartoon illustrations of ‘Sports at the Nest, Brighton Railway Athletic Club’s Day Out’ from 1921, and a loose cutting of the Railway Benevolent Institution’s Annual Dinner in May 1920. There is a loose print of the staff of the Secretary’s Office. The album, with green and black covers, is in poor condition, with broken spine, loose front cover, and friable and dirty pages, 195 x 225 x 58mm. See Southern Railway Magazine, May 1923, pp 110 – 111 for a brief history of the Brighton Railway Athletic Club, including a photograph of the Honorary Sports Secretary, Mr S C Edwards, who features in the album.


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