RCA Sound Camera

1935-1939 in Camden
RCA Records
RCA Victor Sound 16mm Camera, 1935

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RCA Victor Sound 16mm Camera, 1935
The Kodak Collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford
Science Museum Group Collection

RCA Sound cinecamera. Cinecamera for 16mm film, 100 foot reels. Wollensak Velostigmat lens f/3.5-16, in three-lens turret, screw mount. Clockwork motor drive, 16-24 feet per second. Single sprocket and claw mechanism. Sound recording head, 4 volt 0.75 amp lamp lit from three dry cells. Level adjusting screw. Critical focusing device (under red rubber cap). Direct vision optical finder with frames for three lenses. Paralax compensated rear lens. Footage indicator working on feed spool. Light from lamp falls on recording slit via mirror fitted on 'microphone' diaphragm. Serial No 1341. RCA Victor Co Inc, Camden, NJ.

The RCA Victor sound camera ws produced for direct sound recording while filming. The sound track was recorded on the edge of the film by a beam of light from a small battery operated lamp, reflected from a small mirror attached to a diaphragm vibrated by speech from the camera operator. The camera operator could speak commentary which was recorded as a variable area sound track along the edge of the film.


Kodak Collection
Object Number:
glass, leather, plastic (unidentified), rubber (unidentified), steel (metal) and white metal (unknown)
overall: 230 mm x 145 mm x 222 mm,
cine camera
The Kodak Collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford