Punch cartoon about radio and television replacing going out

1933-11-06 in England
Thomas Derrick

Cartoon entitled 'The irksome and costly neccessity for any private enterprise or initiative entirely eliminated by radio and television', drawn by Derrick Thomas, published in 'Punch' magazine 6 November 1933.

Illustration showing families and groups wearing evening wear, gathered around televisions and radios in a series of flats.

This satirical illustration plays into the concept that radio and television would replace other forms of entertainment and communication, encouraging people to stay at home. Despite being a mix of groups, including families the people ignore each other in favour of watching the console radio or television, themselves large pieces of furniture. The costume, furniture and illustrative style reflect the modernity of the 1930s. The formal evening wear suggests the people would have otherwise attended a high-class social event. It reflects the reality that early television was an expensive acquisition, available only to the privileged with sufficient disposable income, or enthusiastic home builders. The characters are not the working class but already ‘idle rich’.


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ink and paper (fibre product)