Door Handles from BBC Broadcasting House


Door handles from BBC Broadcasting House.

Broadcasting House is the headquarters of the BBC. The building in Portland Place, W1, London officially opened on 15 May 1932. It was conceived and designed for radio broadcasting, integrating broadcast technology into the engineering and design of the building fabric.

Interiors were designed by Raymond McGarth, with Wells Coates and Serge Charmayeff. The design embraced a modern aesthetic, now considered Art Deco, which reflected the new technology and modernity of the BBC. Coates designed functional areas including the corridors and waiting areas. Throughout the building streamlining was applied to decoration and equipment to create a cohesive style.

As technology evolved equipment was replaced and Broadcasting House was regularly updated. Bombing during the Second World War and expansion of services beyond radio resulted in significant changes to the original building. Much of the original interior decoration and design was lost. As the first phase of a major expansion of the Broadcasting House site, a refurbishment in 2005 preserved surviving original features.


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