CPS Emitron Television Camera Head

Electric and Musical Industries Limited

Emitron camera head, No.1, manufactured by Electronic and Musical Industries Limited ('EMI').

The CPS Emitron Camera was the first post-war British television camera by EMI and used for the first time at the 1948 Olympic Games.

Development of CPS (Cathode Potential Stabilised) cameras had begun before the war. The television service was closed for the duration, with many engineers and technicians reassigned to war work. The television service restarted on 7 June 1946. This is an example of the early CPS cameras launched in 1948 and first used to broadcast the Olympics Games from Wembley.

CPS Emitron cameras made substantial changes to the original Emitron camera tube. The target plate used to capture the image was placed at the front of the tube and made transparent, allowing the scanning gun to be placed behind. The cylindrical tubes were more sensitive to light but early versions had a defect where a bright light would make the image appear to peel off the screen. Later versions of the CPS were used in studios at Lime Grove.


Object Number:
glass and metal (unknown)
camera head
The BBC Collection