Picture and easel prop used on a set from 'The Nightmare before Christmas

Picture and easel prop used on a set from 'The Nightmare before

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Picture and easel prop used on a set from 'The Nightmare before
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Picture and easel prop used on a set from The Nightmare before Christmas, a Skellington Productions stop-motion animation film directed by Tim Burton in 1993.

This picture and easel is in the monochrome colour pallet of Halloweentown. It appears as part of the Halloweentown set.

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas (released 1993) was made by Touchstones Pictures, Skellington Productions Inc, Tim Burton Productions and Walt Disney Pictures in the Skellington Productions studio, San Fransisco.

The Nightmare before Christmas is a Tim Burton creation, developed out of a poem he wrote while working at Disney. It is set in the fictional town of Halloweentown where the pumpkin king Jack Skellington discovers Christmastown and gets swept up in the bright colours and warm spirit of the festive season.

The film was praised for its animation when it came out. Although it was only a modest box office hit, it has become somewhat of a cult film. Its beautiful, gothic and creepy style is a fine example of animation and storytelling.

The Nightmare before Christmas directors Tim Burton and Henry Selick had been impressed with Paul Berry’s work on The Sandman, a creepy, dark short horror version of "Der Sandmann", written by E. T. A. Hoffmann.

Paul Berry is credited as one of the principal animators on The Nightmare before Christmas.


Creative Industries
Object Number:
picture: 85 mm x 62 mm x 5 mm,
easel: 175 mm x 120 mm x 115 mm,
animation prop
Gift of Graham Maiden