Pink Television Screen Magnifier Lens

1950s in United Kingdom

Pink television screen magnifier, unknown manufacturer, early 1950s.

Screen sizes increased rapidly during the early-mid 1950s, but for those who could not afford a new set, magnifier lenses like this one could be purchased to obtain a slightly larger picture. The lens would reduce contrast and brightness, and unless the viewer sat directly in front of the TV, the lens would distort the picture.

This example is designed for use with a table model television. Its pink tint was an additional feature - intended to reduce eyestrain. The lens is made from Perspex filled with a clear oil. TV magnifiers with solid glass lenses, Fresnel lenses, and lenses tinted in other colours were also produced around this time.


Object Number:
glass, mineral oil and steel (metal)
screen: 275 mm x 290 mm x 100 mm,
frame: 330 mm x 350 mm x 210 mm,
television accessory