Robina Partner Robot

2007 in Japan

Robina Partner Robot created by Toyota Motor Co., Japan, c.2007.

Robina was developed to promote Toyota’s vision of the personal robots we might one day own. Launched in 2007 by Toyota's Partner Robot division, two were built. From 2007 to 2009, this Robina model was used as a museum tour guide. After 2009 it returned to the research laboratory for a few years before it was retired in 2012.

Robina has a ‘twin’ that still shows visitors around Toyota’s Kaikan Museum. Robina can sign autographs for visitors, using its dexterous jointed fingers, recognise and read 20,000 Japanese words, hold simple conversations, and navigate independently to avoid collisions with obstacles and people – hidden under Robina’s ‘skirt’ are two wheels that drive it forwards or backwards and four that help it manoeuvre