Empty box for 4 'Alendronic Acid', 70 mg tablets


Empty cardboard box for 4 'Alendronic Acid', 70 mg tablets, alendronate monosodium trihydrate, used to treat osteoporosis as a result of taking immunosuppressants, taken by a person who has a heart transplant as part of their monthly medication four years post operation, manufactured by Somex Pharma, Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom, 2017

After receiving a heart transplant, recipients require life long medication. Each person has different medication needs at different points of their post-operation journey. All heart transplant recipients are prescribed immunosuppressants. These are medicines which prevent recipients' bodies rejecting a donor heart.

Immunosuppressants can have significant side effects including increased risk of injections, weakened bones (osteoporosis), high blood pressure and diabetes. To help with these side effects, heart transplant recipients receive a range of medicines, which they must take exactly as prescribed. They are carefully monitored after their operation and have regular check-ups to ensure how well their heart is working. Cardiac rehabilitation including exercise, advice, and support are also available.


Materia Medica & Pharmacology
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overall: 23 mm x 106 mm x 22 mm,
drug packaging