Philips video cassette recorder type N1502

Philips Electronics

Philips video cassette recorder (type N1502), by Philips, Europe, 1970-1980

Philips launched the first 'proper' 'home' video recorder, the Philips N1500, in 1972. This was the original VCR format machine. It had an integrated tuner and timer and could record for up to 60 minutes on a VC60 cassette. It was expensive and to begin with was sold only to corporate customers and schools, first becoming widely available to the public in 1974. The N1502 was a second-generation machine. It was similar in appearance to the N1500, but was far more modularised. It had a 3-day, 1-event digital timer and used DC, as opposed to AC, motors for the drum, capstan and reel drive. It was far more reliable than the first-generation machines.


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