Round plaster in sealed packet

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Round plaster in sealed packet, made by Medicareplus International, of the type used during COVID-19 vaccination work at University Hospital Coventry, England, 2020-2021.

After a vaccination, including a COVID-19 jab, sometimes a plaster is needed over the site. Many vaccine centres applied cotton wool balls and microporous tape as an alternative.

The UK COVID-19 vaccination programme started on 8 December 2020 with Matron May Parsons, administering then 90 year old Margaret Keenan’s first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at University Coventry Hospital.

The roll out of the vaccines in the United Kingdom is based on priority groups. In December 2020, COVID-19 vaccines were first offered to residents in care homes for older adults and their carers, people aged over 80, and frontline health and social care workers. The remaining population is offered the vaccine according to age and existing health conditions that make them more susceptible to COVID-19. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advise on the priority list and the length between doses (between 3 and twelve weeks).

Arranging the items needed for vaccination including syringes, alcohol swabs, trays, sharps bins, and fridges is a huge logistical and manufacturing effort to ensure people have access to vaccines.


Public Health & Hygiene
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paper, plastic and gauze
overall: 32 mm x 40 mm