Banner used to warn people not to enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19


Two metre high retractable floor banner on a red background with the words "Stop. When entering the pharmacy, please stand back from the counter. If you have possible symptoms of Coronavirus Cough Fever Shortness of Breath Do Not Enter. Find out more at" used at Kamsons Pharmacy branches during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020

On this banner, three symptoms of coronavirus are shown: a continuous cough, fever, and shortness of breath. Since the start of the pandemic, the list of symptoms of coronavirus has since expanded to include loss of taste and or smell among others. Social distancing is also a key way to prevent the transmission of the virus, and many pharmacies, including those at Kamsons, put in place clear screens to protect users of the pharmacy.

During national lockdowns, pharmacies were identified as a key service remaining open and often extending their opening hours to accommodate more services. Many people turned to their local pharmacies as a first point of contact for healthcare advice when other options such as hospitals, GPs and dentists were either overwhelmed or closed. Many pharmacies were and are also essential to vaccination roll out including flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Kamsons Pharmacy is a family run business with over 70 pharmacies in England. The first pharmacy in the group was opened in Uckfield, Sussex over forty years ago, where their warehouse and headquarters remain. The company name derives from the business being owned by brothers Bipin, Piyoosh and Bharat Chotai whose father was called Kam, so they are Kam’s sons.


Object Number:
metal and plastic
overall (closed): 100 mm x 850 mm x 10 mm,
  • visual and verbal communication